[DRBD-user] Public draft of DRBD Users' Guide available, feedback requested

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Tue Feb 26 13:08:33 CET 2008

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> We have just published an initial public draft of the all-new DRBD Users' 
> Guide which will henceforth be available at http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/.

Very nice work. Thank you very much.

> This guide is going to be in "public draft" status all through the month of 
> March. We request, strongly encourage and much appreciate feedback. 
> Corrections are more than welcome, as are suggestions for improvement.

I skipped the LVM, cluster FS and DRBD Internal parts. Here are some 
suggestions for the rest of the document.

Inconsistent. The data are inconsistent

IIRC, become-primary-on-both; was introduces in a recent version. If so, 
one could think of adding the version number as you did in several other 

"ensure that only one node is in primary state"
Is this to say that it works in a primary/primary configuration, but 
only if you temporarily put one node to secondary mode? That could be 
made clearer.

"are shrunk first"
the "first" should be highlighted imho :)

list point 7:
I think theres a \n missing after "/tmp/metadata"

"At this point, you must manually intervene"
A link might refer to the section about automatic split-brain recovery.

"they are be started and stopped by the cluster manager"
or maybe you meant "are to be"?

R1 can only deal with heartbeat and LSB Resources. OCF Resources are for 
R2 only.
You even say so:
Although - there is a wrapper for R1 that makes it possible to use OCF 
RAs in R1, but I don't know how to use it and wether that should be 
stated in this place.

"Resource group support is limited to two resource groups"
Thats not true.
You can have more than two resource groups. It's just that more than 2 
groups are internally treated as one large group per node.

This does not mention the difference in configurations with stonith 
enabled. You might at least place a link to the blog here.

Although it *should* be clear, you could state that one needs to copy 
block-drbd to /etc/xen/scripts
Or is block-drbd a part of xen by now?

As you earlier described R1 first, you might want to keep doing this.


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