[DRBD-user] No local Heartbeat. Forcing Shutdown

Fabio Martins fabio at netwall.com.br
Wed Apr 13 22:32:14 CEST 2005

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	I have two cluster nodes running HeartBeat-1.0.3 + DRBD-0.6.13 + Mon-0.99.2 
and 2.4.27 kernel. Heartbeat is working in NICE_FAILBACK ON and everything is 
working great in normal situations having an expected behavior.
	Now I had a problem in my first node - NODE1 ( disk problem ) and the second 
NODE2 machine taked control as primary node. Until now ok.
	When I turn it on the failed node NODE1 ( without change the bad disk ) the 
first machine taked controle of the cluster. PS: I know I have to change 
disks...  :) 
	PS: the right behavior should leave NODE2 as primary...but it did not...
	I saw in NODE2 heartbeat log the following message:
	 No local Heartbeat. Forcing Shutdown.
	I know my configs are ok, anybody had this problem? This only happens in this 
situation. ( disk problem )



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