R: [DRBD-user] Some question

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Sat Mar 27 13:39:18 CET 2004

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/ 2004-03-27 12:37:02 +0100
\ gianlu]{a:
> Lars wrote:
> >Note however that suse includes 0.6.6 (with a minimal patch),
> >and we by now are at 0.6.12 for the stable series.
> You suggest the upgrade?


> The kernel version is 2.4.21-99
   -199, not -99, I guess.

> >default unit  is KB/sec, but you can append M or G to change the unit
> >so this means 80M, maybe this would be easier to read.
> >btw, you are sure you can get 80MB/sec throughput
> >from your disks and network?
> The network is a 1GB Ethernet so i set max e min according to it.

Well, if your disks can give you 80M/sec, this is ok.

> > A thing i haven't understand, it is better to have a row like this
> > /dev/nb0 /home auto noauto 1 1 
> > In /etc/fstab or remove this line and use something like this
> > Filesystem::/dev/nb0::/home::auto
> > In /etc/ha.d/haresources.
> >This is just different.
> >Heartbeat likes it better if you use its Filesystem resource.
> >You still have to use the "datadisk" resource, too.
> Yes in etc/ha.d/haresources I have obviously this line 
> Mail1 datadisk::drbd0 postfix apache2 courier-imap 
> Btw if i insert Filesystem::/dev/nb0::/home::auto and for some reason
> heartbet didn't start I have however a /home dir mountend...

The mountpoint is there, it should be empty, not mounted.
If it is mounted, you have something misconfigured.

> And I noticed that when node2 is in standby, in a normal situation node1,
> primary, run, the results of ls command is really different..
> On node1 I get the list of all my user but in node2, mounted readonly by
> drbd, I can see only one user... 

	You do not mount drbd on standby.
	You do not mount drbd on standby.

Or you will crash your system.
If you do not understand why I am so loud about it,
please read the documentation, or google for it,
or search the archives.

	Lars Ellenberg

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