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gianlu]{a theblackangel at email.it
Sat Mar 27 12:37:02 CET 2004

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Lars wrote:
>Note however that suse includes 0.6.6 (with a minimal patch),
>and we by now are at 0.6.12 for the stable series.

You suggest the upgrade?
The kernel version is 2.4.21-99

>default unit  is KB/sec, but you can append M or G to change the unit
>so this means 80M, maybe this would be easier to read.
>btw, you are sure you can get 80MB/sec throughput
>from your disks and network?

The network is a 1GB Ethernet so i set max e min according to it.

> A thing i haven't understand, it is better to have a row like this
> /dev/nb0 /home auto noauto 1 1 
> In /etc/fstab or remove this line and use something like this
> Filesystem::/dev/nb0::/home::auto
> In /etc/ha.d/haresources.

>This is just different.
>Heartbeat likes it better if you use its Filesystem resource.
>You still have to use the "datadisk" resource, too.

Yes in etc/ha.d/haresources I have obviously this line 

Mail1 datadisk::drbd0 postfix apache2 courier-imap 

Btw if i insert Filesystem::/dev/nb0::/home::auto and for some reason
heartbet didn't start I have however a /home dir mountend...

And I noticed that when node2 is in standby, in a normal situation node1,
primary, run, the results of ls command is really different..
On node1 I get the list of all my user but in node2, mounted readonly by
drbd, I can see only one user... 


Gianluca Lini
Genoa Italy

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