[drbd-mc] LCMC bugs/features

Rasto Levrinc rasto.levrinc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 21:54:43 CET 2011

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 1:23 PM, Caspar Smit <c.smit at truebit.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all I encountered a weird display problem using LCMC 1.1.0 (I
> can send a screenshot if needed, the list won't accept it) the screen
> is all garbled below, any idea what happens here?
> This happens on java version 1.6.0_15-b03, is this a known Java
> problem or something else?

Looks like a Java issue, compiz or something like that. Does it happen
often? Does it go away if you wiggle the Window, resize it? What OS
is it? Can you upgrade the Java and/or window manager?

There are actually similar issues with dialog boxes, compiz and KDE
in Ubuntu Lucid. Since it was very popular combination of buggy
components at the time, the GUI actually wiggles the dialogs every
time they appear on the screen so they get correctly repainted.

> Second it would be nice if I can start LCMC directly into advanced
> mode in stead of having to click on the advanced select box (maybe
> using a --advanced command line argument?)

OK, that's simple, you got it in the next version. :) What do you need
in the advanced mode? If it is something that many people use, it
would be better to move it to the "not advanced" mode.

> Third, when adding a Filesystem resource LCMC detects block devices
> that can be used, it also displays my OS partitions (/dev/sda1 and
> /dev/sda5). Can those be hidden?

Not a very high priority for me at the moment.

> Fourth also when adding a Filesystem resource LCMC detects block
> devices but doesn't detect any logical volumes (even when they are
> created with LCMC)

Well it detects them, but they have to be on all the nodes with the same
name, so it may be a little bit too restrictive. You can also enter them,
so it is not completely impossible to do.

When you create them with LCMC, it forgets to reload list of block
devices, so that I have to fix. They will show up if you restart the LCMC
and if they are on all nodes in the cluster.

> Fifth, it is not possible to create a filesystem on a Logical Volume
> after creating it in LCMC, so I must go to the CLI to create a
> filesystem (this is the only step I must do at the CLI) to be able to
> mount / export the LV as for instance an NFS export using exportfs. It
> would be nice if this was possible.

Well, the code for making filesystem is there. I'll think about it. :)


Dipl.-Ing. Rastislav Levrinc
rasto.levrinc at gmail.com
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