[DRBD-user] Using quorum in three node cluster results in split brain

Markus Hochholdinger Markus at hochholdinger.net
Wed Mar 22 19:50:04 CET 2023


Am Dienstag, 21. März 2023, 17:59:37 CET schrieb Markus Hochholdinger:
> Still wondering why the diskless quorum is not working for me.

I've tested the following drbd versions:
9.1.0 ok
9.1.5 ok
9.1.6 ok
9.1.7 fail
9.1.8 fail
9.1.13 fail
9.2.0 fail
9.2.1 fail
9.2.2 fail

Between 9.1.6 and 9.1.7 something changed what resulted in:
An Outdated Secondary can become Primary (without --force)....

Now I'll have a look at the diff between those two versions....


Markus Hochholdinger

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