[DRBD-user] next try using sencond nic

Martin mlc42 at gmx.de
Thu Aug 5 22:24:13 CEST 2021

|Now i do this,

| linstor node interface create ||proxmoxn1||data 1|||

||linstor node interface create ||proxmoxn||2||data 1|||||
  linstor node interface create ||proxmoxn||3||data 1||| ||||

|||linstor storage-pool set-property p||roxmoxn1||drbdpool PrefNic data|
|||linstor storage-pool set-property p||roxmoxn||2||drbdpool PrefNic data|
||| ||linstor storage-pool set-property proxmoxn1 DfltDisklessStorPool
PrefNic data||||linstor storage-pool set-property proxmoxn2 DfltDisklessStorPool
PrefNic data|||||linstor storage-pool set-property proxmoxn3
DfltDisklessStorPool PrefNic data| |
Res files again not ok.

Then after a reboot of all nodes , Res Files are correct and second nics are used.
That did the trick.

Maybe it helps some other.


Best regards


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