[DRBD-user] WinDRBD 1.0.0-rc13 released

Johannes Thoma johannes at johannesthoma.com
Mon Aug 2 19:33:36 CEST 2021

Dear WinDRBD and DRBD users,

We are happy to announce another -rc of WinDRBD. The past 2-3
months I have spent a lot of time fixing bugs uncovered by driver
verifier. Driver verifier is enabled when running tests via
the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) which in turn is required to
obtain a certificate for loading the WinDRBD driver on
SecureBoot enabled machines.

The other change is an upgrade to DRBD 9.0.29 which fixes some
subtile bugs inside the DRBD engine.

As always an installable image (not yet SecureBoot enabled) can
be downloaded from the Linbit Homepage:


Again all sorts of feedback is highly apreciated. Also if you
plan to use WinDRBD (now or later) in production environments
it is highly recommended to talk to Linbit (sales at linbit.com)
about various options of support contracts. This makes it easier
for us to assist you with WinDRBD in case there are problems or
other sorts of requests (like feature requests).

Best regards,

- Johannes

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