[DRBD-user] drbd-reactor v0.4.3

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Mon Aug 2 14:58:35 CEST 2021

Dear DRBD users,

this is version 0.4.3 of drbd-reactor which fixes some smaller bugs in
the promoter plugin:

- OCF arguments are now split like shell words, and not just by white
  space. This allows arguments such as k="value with spaces".
- drbd-promote template got fixed for multi-volume resources.
- use of drbd-service-shim.sh (requires newest 9.18.2 utils) for
  drbd-promote override. This fixes SELinux shitting its pants.

If you don't use OCF agents, don't have multi volume resources, and
don't have SELinux enabled, you don't need to updated immediately,
otherwise you should.

Regards, rck

GIT: https://github.com/LINBIT/drbd-reactor/commit/8dd830703ed45f51b0c28b564d013e56199e00b8
TGZ: https://pkg.linbit.com//downloads/drbd/utils/drbd-reactor-0.4.3.tar.gz
PPA: https://launchpad.net/~linbit/+archive/ubuntu/linbit-drbd9-stack

[ Roland Kammerer ]
* debian: add source/format
* doc: add snippets dir to FILES
* README.md: add info about autoload
* ctl: add .flake8
* promoter: use drbd-service-shim.sh

[ Moritz "WanzenBug" Wanzenböck ]
* pkgs: create /etc/drbd-reactor.d from deb/rpm
* promoter: split ocf args using shell word splitting
* promoter: fix drbd-promote template in multi-volume scenario
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