[DRBD-user] linstor-satellite connection issues after upgrade

Gábor Hernádi gabor.hernadi at linbit.com
Tue May 12 18:10:51 CEST 2020

That the controller warns about satellite being offline (and thus storage
pools are not available / usable currently) is absolutely expected while
restarting the satellite.
If I remember correctly, the controller retries every 10 second or so to
see if the satellite is online again.

I assume that you simply cut away the actual warning in order to make the
email shorter? I am talking about these lines here:

    No active connection to satellite 'cmp3'
    The controller is trying to (re-) establish a connection to the
satellite. The controller stored the changes and as soon the satellite
is connected, it will receive this update.

If you did not cut that manually, we would have a different issue,
that's why I am asking....

to enable trace logging:

note, that the 3rd option is most likely the easiest (and therefore
also the recommended) way

Best regards,
Gabor Hernadi
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