[DRBD-user] Does "PrefNic" mean "Use Only this NIC"?

Gábor Hernádi gabor.hernadi at linbit.com
Mon Oct 28 11:01:01 CET 2019

Apparently we a bit behind in properly document this feature, but you might
want to take a look at the following commands:

$ linstor resource-connection path create testhost01 testhost04
<resource_name> path1 data data
# the above command alone has the same effect as setting the PrefNic on
both sides, i.e. forcing DRBD to use the netinterfaces "data" <-> "data"

$ linstor resource-connection path create testhost01 testhost04
<resource_name> path2 default default
# now we added a second connection-path to also use the default <-> default
if for whatever reason data <-> data breaks.

However, this method only configures drbd to be able to use one of the 2
paths (feel free to inspect the resulting .res file). which path is
actively used is still under drbd's control, which means if it switched
once, it will keep using that connection until it works. Only when the
current connection breaks drbd will try both connections again.

Hope that helps,
Best regards,
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