[DRBD-user] python-linstor, linstor-client 1.0.5 release

Rene Peinthor rene.peinthor at linbit.com
Fri Oct 25 14:08:25 CEST 2019


Unfortunately the 1.0.4 release of python-linstor had bad error checking
for controller responses, which broke the opennebula plugin. This release
fixes this issue and also adds compatibility
code for volume definition list from old controller versions.
Additionally also the client learnt the new zstd compression method for the
latest drbd-proxy.

python-linstor 1.0.5
 * Fixed volume_dfn_list on controller with API < 1.0.10
 * Fixed incorrect error checks in the resource high level API


linstor-client 1.0.5
 * Added support for zstd proxy compression
 * Fixed missing global argument filters for certificate arguments


Linstor PPA:

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