[DRBD-user] Interface for diskless nodes?

Andreas Pflug pgadmin at pse-consulting.de
Fri May 10 15:49:35 CEST 2019

Am 10.05.19 um 15:35 schrieb Andreas Pflug:
> Using DRBD 9.0.17-1: How can I advise a diskless node to use the second
> interface?
> I have two networks (no routing between them): the first has admin
> traffic, and is used to register the nodes with the controller, which is
> located on that network only. The second network is used for drbd
> traffic, the storage-pool has PrefNic set to this interface.
> All disk-backed nodes use the correct network, but as soon as I add a
> diskless node (same two-nic definition as the other nodes) it will use
> its default interface. This happens when adding the resourse on the
> diskless node manually, as well as when using autoplace and
> --diskless-on-remaining.
> How can I force the diskless nodes to the correct interface?

Forgot to notice: I'd like this to work with proxmox 5.4 as well...

> Regards,
> Andreas
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