[DRBD-user] 9.0 resync issues

Andreas Pflug pgadmin at pse-consulting.de
Tue Jun 18 12:56:54 CEST 2019


I run a 4-way drbd9 installation, with some 12 resources defined. 3
hosts have disks, the forth is diskless.

For hardware replacement, on of the disk equipped hosts was down for 15
hours or so. When switching back on, there are multiple messages on the

drbd vm-100-disk-1/0 drbd1000: FIXME kworker/u256:2[1973] op clear,
bitmap locked for 'receive bitmap' by drbd_r_vm-100-d[3873]

and so on. Some resources will resync successfully, others are stuck at
some percentage level. If I disconnect and re-connect those stuck
resources, they are shown as UpToDate immediately, but kern.log shows

drbd vm-106-disk-1/0 drbd1010: No resync, but 2031 bits in bitmap!

This makes me wonder if the resource is really UpToDate on this host.

I'm running 9.0.17-1 on all nodes, and did an upgrade to 9.0.19-0rc1 on
the questionable node without improvement.


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