[DRBD-user] Number of nodes supported for DRBD

Roman Szabados Roman at Szabados.sk
Mon Feb 25 12:42:05 CET 2019

Dear All,

Updated question: Is it possible to configure the "N" parameter supplied 
by linstor for --max-peers "N"?

As far as i understand it now, linstor uses  "--max-peers 7" as an fixed 
argument, which substantialy limits the DRBD capability to handle up to 
31 peers.
Thank you.

Best regards

Roman Szabados

On 2/22/19 2:45 PM, Roman Szabados wrote:
> Dear All,
> In our use case, we need to have up to 16 peers sharing the same 
> resource and snapshot, which is later used on all hypervisors to build 
> the actual specific VM from the snapshot. But after trying to add more 
> than the 8th node, i get this error message:
> root at dagobah:~# linstor r c alderaan felucia kessel 
> vm-base-1804-system --storage-pool ssd-pool
> Description:
> *Resource on node bespin has insufficient peer slots to add another peer*
> Details:
>     Node(s): 'alderaan', 'felucia', 'kessel', Resource: 
> 'vm-base-1804-system'
> Show reports:
>     linstor error-reports show 5C28F669-00000-000115
> root at dagobah:~#
> I do assume, that this is a limitation of Linstor. Can this limit be 
> configured to accept more than 8 nodes per ressource in Linstr?
> Thank you.
> Roman Szabados
> On 2/21/19 10:39 AM, Roland Kammerer wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 02:35:16PM +0530, Malhar vora wrote:
>>> Hi Experts,
>>> Does anyone know how many nodes can be supported for DRBD ?
>>> Can DRBD support count like 1000+ nodes ?
>> What Robert wote, plus:
>> IMO the important thing here is "at the same time or not" and "1000
>> times redundant"? The second one is easy, it does not make sense. For
>> the first one: Usually you make resource available 2 or 3 times
>> redundant (every bit is also on 1 or 2 different servers). And then you
>> have like a ton of hypervisors.  But only one connects to the storrage
>> at a given point in time. Or 2 because of live migration. These
>> hypervisors would be diskless clients, that connect to the storage via
>> network only. And if they don't need it anymore, another diskless client
>> accesses the data. Most of our plugins that integrate DRBD/LINSTOR with
>> other platforms like k8s, openstack, opennebula,... do exactly that:
>> They create storage N-times redundant and create/delete diskless
>> assignments on demand. So yes, conceptually you then can have 1000
>> nodes.
>> Regards, rck
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