[DRBD-user] Number of nodes supported for DRBD

Roman Szabados Roman at Szabados.sk
Fri Feb 22 14:45:04 CET 2019

Dear All,

In our use case, we need to have up to 16 peers sharing the same 
resource and snapshot, which is later used on all hypervisors to build 
the actual specific VM from the snapshot. But after trying to add more 
than the 8th node, i get this error message:

root at dagobah:~# linstor r c alderaan felucia kessel vm-base-1804-system 
--storage-pool ssd-pool
*Resource on node bespin has insufficient peer slots to add another peer*
     Node(s): 'alderaan', 'felucia', 'kessel', Resource: 
Show reports:
     linstor error-reports show 5C28F669-00000-000115
root at dagobah:~#

I do assume, that this is a limitation of Linstor. Can this limit be 
configured to accept more than 8 nodes per ressource in Linstr?
Thank you.

Roman Szabados

On 2/21/19 10:39 AM, Roland Kammerer wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 02:35:16PM +0530, Malhar vora wrote:
>> Hi Experts,
>> Does anyone know how many nodes can be supported for DRBD ?
>> Can DRBD support count like 1000+ nodes ?
> What Robert wote, plus:
> IMO the important thing here is "at the same time or not" and "1000
> times redundant"? The second one is easy, it does not make sense. For
> the first one: Usually you make resource available 2 or 3 times
> redundant (every bit is also on 1 or 2 different servers). And then you
> have like a ton of hypervisors.  But only one connects to the storrage
> at a given point in time. Or 2 because of live migration. These
> hypervisors would be diskless clients, that connect to the storage via
> network only. And if they don't need it anymore, another diskless client
> accesses the data. Most of our plugins that integrate DRBD/LINSTOR with
> other platforms like k8s, openstack, opennebula,... do exactly that:
> They create storage N-times redundant and create/delete diskless
> assignments on demand. So yes, conceptually you then can have 1000
> nodes.
> Regards, rck
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