[DRBD-user] Is it free?

Vito Botta vito at botta.me
Wed Aug 7 16:01:01 CEST 2019

Hi Roland! Thanks for your reply! I didn't get a notification, I just noticed it while checking the archives in the browser. So I hope this email updates the thread (never used this so not sure how it works :D).

Thanks for the answers! I did more tests with replication and also changed the set up to use thin pools for thin provisioning and snapshots. All seems to work great.

When I was setting it up again in Kubernetes, I found that the CSI yaml on Github references images for the 0.7.0 version not yet available on Quay, so I had to use 0.6.4 for now.

A few more questions if you don't mind:

- How do I handle upgrades of the Kubernetes components? Is it enough to just apply the new version of the yaml manifests or do I need to do something else?

- What about upgrades to Linstor itself? Do I just upgrade packages when new ones are available in the apt repo or do I need to do something else? Will upgrading cause disruption to volumes in use? I am scared that an apt dist-upgrade may screw things up with storage, cause split brains or whatever.

- From reading the docs I am not sure of what is the default "anti split-brain" configuration. Does Linstor recover by itself by default? 

- I am trying to use Linstor on top of a Wireguard VPN, since I am looking to encrypt all the traffic between the nodes  - my provider Hetzner Cloud has private networking but somehow they recommend using encryption to protect sensitive data. When using Wireguard, benchmarks in a replicated setup show 1/3 lower write speed compared to running without VPN, at 40 to ~66 MB/sec or so. Is this OK for a good replication and for use with databases (MySQL) or is it too slow? Without VPN I was getting 100 MB/sec or more...


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