[DRBD-user] windrbd can not enable vss

Johannes Thoma johannes at johannesthoma.com
Fri Apr 26 14:01:09 CEST 2019

Hi Junnam,

Am 26.04.19 um 13:30 schrieb 박준남:
> Hi Johannes,
> I'm using DRBD for backup
You can do that, however DRBD is meant more for high availability
use cases than for backup.

> The reason we need VSS is to use the snapshot function to recover data that is a problem later.

With WinDRBD you don't need a Windows based solution for snapshots. You
can connect your Windows drives with a Linux based DRBD resource and
use LVM as backing devices on the Linux side. LVM does support snapshots
and if you use thin volumes snapshots are relatively inexpensive so
you can for example make one snapshot a day. If you need to revert
to a snapshot you can do so with LVM (take the DRBD resource down on
the Linux side first and invalidate the Windows side of the resource
by either drbdadm invalidate or even better drbdadm create-md).
Be sure to use internal meta data at least on the Linux side, so
you have DRBD's tracking information within the LVM snapshot.

When WinDRBD comes up again it will sync from the Linux DRBD and
you are reverted to a last known good state.

Note however that we currently do not support using the System
Volume ("C:") as WinDRBD device. We are working on that, I will
post on the list once we have something that can do System Volume
as well.

> UNC Path is required because the primary data must be retrieved from the remote server.
DRBD does not need UNC pathes, it has its own configuration format.
Please see the enclosed PDF that comes with WinDRBD for a primer and
also read the DRBD users guide that explains what else there is
to DRBD.

Best wishes and good luck.

- Johannes

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