[DRBD-user] windrbd can not enable vss

Johannes Thoma johannes at johannesthoma.com
Tue Apr 23 14:31:37 CEST 2019

Hi 박준남,

Thank you for testing WinDRBD. What exactly are you
trying to build?

Am 22.04.19 um 09:12 schrieb 박준남:
> Hi
> I tested windrbd 0.9.2.
> I found some features that are not available:
>  1. windrbd can not support vss(volume shadow copy) on primary
>  2. windrbd can not support unc path on primary
Those features are not tested yet and most likely won't work
with the current version of WinDRBD. We can however put them
on the wishlist and implement them at a later point in time.

It would help if you could describe the use case you need those
features for,

Kind regards,

- Johannes

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