[DRBD-user] Error upgrading linstor controller 0.7.5 > 0.9.5

Gábor Hernádi gabor.hernadi at linbit.com
Wed Apr 10 08:25:35 CEST 2019

Hello again,

thanks for sending me the database, I was able to find the bug in our
migration as well as a workaround for you until we release a fix for this.
The problem is that you had resources with no volumes in them. The
migration basically iterates over all existing volumes using database-joins
to gather all data of the corresponding resource, resource-definition and
volume-definition. Within this volume-based iteration all data "above" are
also created (that means, layer-specific database entries for the volumes
themselves, but also for the corresponding resource, its resource
definition and volume definition, each only if necessary).
The fact that you had resources with 0 volumes simply prevented the
migration to not create any layerData on those resources without volumes,
which caused later the NullPointerException as mentioned in my previous

So the workaround for you is to downgrade and start the previously working
version (in your case v0.7.5), and please delete the two resources without
volumes (in your case, the "empty" resources had "102" and "202" in their
names). It should be safe to delete them as they had no volumes anyways, so
there is no data on your disk which will be actually deleted :) (only
entries in the linstor database)
The resource-definitions can stay, they do not hurt, just delete the
(empty) resources.
Afterwards you should be able to upgrade, start and let the new version
migrate everything.

Of course I will start looking in how to fix this so that the next version
of linstor can handle this situation out of the box.

Thanks for the report,
Best regards,
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