[DRBD-user] Stop using DRBD

Veit Wahlich cru.lists at zodia.de
Fri Sep 28 14:56:01 CEST 2018

Hi Michael,

my hint is to have a look at the wipe-md command of drbdadm resp.

Alternatively it might suffice to simply resize the FS on the former
backing device to the backing device's full size. As integrated meta
data is stored at the end of the block device, resizing the FS would
grow it into the metadata. But you cannot be sure that exactly the bits
get overwritten that identify the backing device as drdb, so using
wipe-md instead/before is advisable.

Best regards,
// Veit

Am Freitag, den 28.09.2018, 15:40 +0300 schrieb Michael Dukelsky:
> Hi,
> On 28.09.2018 14:15, Simon Ironside wrote:
> > > I have two nodes with DRBD 8.3. Now I want to stop using DRBD and
> > > use 
> > > one of the nodes as a standalone box. How do I do it? As far as
> > > I 
> > > understand it would be enough to wipe out the meta data. But I
> > > see no 
> > > command for that. How can it be done?
> > 
> > You don't really need to delete it at all, it's at the end of the
> > block 
> > device so it can be ignored. You can just use (mount or whatever)
> > the 
> > underlying block device directly.
> Although gdisk says that the partition with the user data is "8300 
> Linux filesystem", when I try to mount it after stopping drbd I get
> mount: unknown filesystem type 'drbd'
> So it looks like I have to wipe out the meta data first. But I need
> to 
> know its offset and size. Unfortunately I cannot understand how to
> get 
> it from the textual dump made by 'drbdmeta dump-md'. The offset 
> mentioned there does not seem to point to the meta data.
> Michael
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