[DRBD-user] linstor-proxmox-2.9.0

Roberto Resoli roberto at resolutions.it
Tue Sep 4 16:48:06 CEST 2018

Il 04/09/2018 16:37, Roland Kammerer ha scritto:
>> Probably, but I think we are anyway condemned to live with this sort of
>> undocumented systemd behaviour.
> Hm, don't know if it is undocumented, guess not, usually the systemd
> documentation is pretty good.

It's not in my (debian 9 current: 232-25+deb9u4, which is the same of 
pve 5.2) systemctl man page, nor I found anything on this on the web, 
till now.

> Anyways, this will change a bit in the future. I don't like that people
> have to copy the whole ExecStart line. What if we then change default
> locations? (Unlikely, but still). So in some future version
> linstor-statellite will also  understand a "LS_KEEP_RES" (or similar)
> environment variable, then the whole thing becomes:
> [Service]
> Environment=LS_KEEP_RES=vm-100
> I like that a lot more.

me too, it's definitely better.


> Regards, rck
> ___________________

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