[DRBD-user] Node1 Standalone Inconsistent/Outdated Node 2 WFConnection Inconsisten/DUnknown - how to recover?

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Wed Oct 3 18:53:35 CEST 2018

On 2018-10-02 10:12 AM, Ron wrote:
> Hi,
> I've inherited a setup that has been running for a very long time,
> but this morning both were down, and showed:
> [root at node-01 ~]# drbd-overview
>   0:drbd0  StandAlone Secondary/Unknown   Inconsistent/Outdated r-----
>   1:drbd1  Connected  Secondary/Secondary UpToDate/UpToDate     C     
> r-----
> [root at node-02 ~]# drbd-overview
>   0:drbd0  WFConnection Secondary/Unknown   Inconsistent/DUnknown C r-----
>   1:drbd1  Connected    Secondary/Secondary UpToDate/UpToDate     C r-----
> We had a power failure two weeks ago, but nothing seemed wrong.
> How do I recover from this situation? How can I find out which of the
> nodes has
> the most recent information? And then mark it UpToDate?
> Thanks,
> Ron 

Tail the system logs on both nodes, then on node 1, run 'drbdadm connect
r0'. Wait for things to settle, then share the new status of /proc/drbd
and the log output from the two nodes please.


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