[DRBD-user] (DRBD 9) promote secondary to primary with primary crashed

Daniel Hertanu dhertanu at blinc.co
Fri Nov 2 13:48:26 CET 2018


I'm running two nodes with DRBD 9 and I want to simulate a primary node
crash followed by restoring the access to the data on the secondary node

So, having the sync done between the hosts I'm disconnecting the network to
the primary to simulate the crash.
All my attempts to promote the secondary to primary so I can mount the drbd
device and access the data have failed. Usually I'm getting this:

[root at server2-drbd ~]# drbdadm primary resource01
resource01: State change failed: (-2) Need access to UpToDate data
Command 'drbdsetup primary resource01' terminated with exit code 17

Can anyone help me?


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