[DRBD-user] 8 Zettabytes out-of-sync?

Roberto Resoli roberto at resolutions.it
Fri Nov 2 14:23:03 CET 2018

Il 2 novembre 2018 11:16:54 CET, Yannis Milios <yannis.milios at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>On Fri, 2 Nov 2018 at 09:25, Jarno Elonen <elonen at iki.fi> wrote:
>> This is getting quite worrisome. Is anyone else experiencing this
>> DRBD 9? Is it something really wrong in my setup, or are there
>perhaps some
>> known instabilities in DRBD 9.0.15-1?

Same here, mostly sfter rebooting a node.

>Yes, I have been facing this as well on all "recent" versions of DRBD9,
>currently I'm on 9.0.16-1, on some of the resources. The way I usually
>that sorted by disconnecting,discarding the secondaries, 

I found that putting down (disconnecting is not sufficient) the  resource on the primary node and then adjusting it solves, without any resync.

> but yes I
>agree with you that it looks a bit worrisome...

Imho definitely some bug ...



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