[DRBD-user] Unable to init a node

Jdt Jean-Daniel.Tissot at univ-fcomte.fr
Tue Mar 13 16:07:17 CET 2018


We had a three nodes Proxmox cluster in V4 (jessie) with drbd from Proxmox.
I choose to reinitialize this cluster with Proxmox V5 (stretch) with
drbd from Linbit.

I install Proxmox from the ISO image on the three nodes. Proxmox nodes
are not associated yet in a cluster.
I install drbdmanage-proxmox as indicated in
My network interfaces are well configured for drbd.
On the first node I create the drbdpool volume group as indicated in

But it's failed in initialization :
root at dmz-pve1:~ # drbdmanage init

You are going to initialize a new drbdmanage cluster.
CAUTION! Note that:
  * Any previous drbdmanage cluster information may be removed
  * Any remaining resources managed by a previous drbdmanage installation
    that still exist on this system will no longer be managed by drbdmanage


  yes/no: yes
Error: External command failed:
drbdsetup new-resource .drbdctrl 0
Command output:
Command exited with exit_code 20

Initialization failed

In /etc/drbdmanaged.cfg, I have

# Options you can set with their default value in the GLOBAL section,
per Site, or per Node:
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

loglevel = INFO


loglevel = WARN

# Nodes available in this view:
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# You can also specify the keyword "site" in node sections
# Example: [Node:nodeA]


site = DMZ

storage-plugin = drbdmanage.storage.lvm_thinlv.LvmThinLv
drbdctrl-vg = drbdpool

pool-name = drbdpool

# For further information please refer to "Configuration" in drbdmanage(8)

drbdmanage modify-config failed too.

I quite into a black hole.

How to initialize this kind of cluster (Proxmox V5 and drbd-9) ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards.

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