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Trevor Hemsley themsley at voiceflex.com
Thu Jul 5 15:54:27 CEST 2018

On 05/07/18 12:23, Ravi Sankar wrote:
> Dear Support,
> I would like to introduce myself,Ravi,working as DBA,located in Singapore.
> We recently hit an issue with DRBD after upgrade kernel,unable to
> mount DRBD.
> Kindly refer below details of our env.
> OS-Rhel 6.2,kernel 2.6.32-220
> Kernel Upgrade to  2.6.32-754
> Current DRBD version-8.3.12
> Based on the above info,can kindly shed some light?.Please advice any
> compatibilty issue with Kernel update?.
> After switch back to original kernel version,we were able to bring up

Well, first, good news for updating into the 21st century ;-)

Where did you get your drbd packages from? Or did you install from
source? Depending on how you installed, the solution will be different.

If it came from the ELRepo yum repository then you would have a package
installed called something like

8.3.16-3.el6.elrepo                     elrepo

though in your case it would be considerably older than that. If you
have that installed now then re-enable the ELRepo repo and re-run yum
update to pick up their latest build.

If you built from source then you will need to rebuild against the
latest kernel-{headers/devel} packages. Be aware that there may be code
changes on the DRBD source side required in order to compile against the
6.10 kernels so you should probably update to the latest 8.3 source and
build from that.

You will also find that ELRepo offer kmod-drbd84 packages that are far
more up to date - 8.3 has had no maintenance for several years now I
think. Going from 8.3 to 8.4 is not difficult but there are some config
file changes that may need to be made to get there.

Linbit themselves also have packaged versions of DRBD for their paying
customers and you may be using those now and will need to update.

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