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Ravi Sankar ravipemmasani at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 13:23:52 CEST 2018

 Dear Support,

I would like to introduce myself,Ravi,working as DBA,located in Singapore.
We recently hit an issue with DRBD after upgrade kernel,unable to mount

Kindly refer below details of our env.

OS-Rhel 6.2,kernel 2.6.32-220
Kernel Upgrade to  2.6.32-754
Current DRBD version-8.3.12

Based on the above info,can kindly shed some light?.Please advice any
compatibilty issue with Kernel update?.
After switch back to original kernel version,we were able to bring up DRBD.

Would really appreciate your inputs.

Following is the DRBD error log.

ResourceManager[8458]:  2018/07/04_15:12:15 info: Running
/etc/ha.d/resource.d/drbddisk drbd0 start
ResourceManager[8458]:  2018/07/04_15:12:20 ERROR: Return code 1 from
ResourceManager[8458]:  2018/07/04_15:12:20 CRIT: Giving up resources due
to failure of drbddisk::drbd0
ResourceManager[8458]:  2018/07/04_15:12:20 info: Releasing resource group:
pscsggpapp1.mscs.intra drbddisk::drbd0 Filesystem::
sourceManager[4071]:  2018/07/04_15:42:15 info: Running
/etc/init.d/gprism_02_httpd  stop
ResourceManager[4071]:  2018/07/04_15:42:16 info: Running
/etc/ha.d/resource.d/Filesystem /dev/drbd0 /drbd ext3 stop
Filesystem[4516]:       2018/07/04_15:42:16 WARNING: Couldn't find device
[/dev/drbd0]. Expected /dev/??? to exist
Filesystem[4516]:       2018/07/04_15:42:16 INFO: Running stop for
/dev/drbd0 on /drbd
Filesystem[4508]:       2018/07/04_15:42:16 INFO:  Success

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