[DRBD-user] drbd and openstack pike

Michal Michaláč michal.michalac at ehs.sk
Fri Aug 17 08:30:07 CEST 2018

> However, in the OpenStack pike, the drbd is stuck in 0.00 percent
> synchronization.
> [root at drbd1 log]# drbdadm status
> drbd0 role:Secondary
>   disk:UpToDate
>   drbd2.novalocal role:Secondary
>     replication:SyncSource peer-disk:Inconsistent done:0.00


sometimes had same issue on DRBD 9.0.14. Sometimes 
drbdsetup events2 --statistics --now
on both nodes shows different number Out-of-Sync (OOS) blocks (in situation
where OOS number doesn't changes - sync freezed).

I didn't found steps to reproduce this error. It happens randomly.

Temporary solution is 
drbd down drbd0
drbd up drbd0
on node with inconsistent resource

Permanent solution is (I hope) upgrade to DRBD 9.0.15.

With regards
    Michal Michaláč
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