[DRBD-user] Cancelling pending actions

Martyn Spencer mdsreg_linbit at microdata.co.uk
Tue Oct 3 15:11:22 CEST 2017

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On 03/10/17 13:59, Robert Altnoeder wrote:
> On 10/02/2017 12:37 PM, Martyn Spencer wrote:
>> I managed to put node1 into a state where it had pending actions that
>> I could not remove, so decided to remove the node and then re-add it.
>> Rather naively I did not check and the DRBD resources were all
>> role:primary on node1. Now node1 is in a state "pending: remove" and I
>> cannot in any way seem to add it back to the cluster.
> It would probably be best to manually 'drbdadm down' the resources on
> node1 and then run 'drbdmanage resume-all', which should attempt to
> remove all resources from node1 and then remove node1 itself.
> Finally, when node1 has been removed, running 'drbdmanage shutdown' on
> node1 followed by 'drbdmanage uninit' should clean up the drbdmanage
> installation on node1 (including the control resource and old
> configuration files).
> Then, the node can be added back to the cluster.
> Another possibility is to clean up node1 manually, by running
> 'drbdmanage remove-node --force node1' from node2, and then killing all
> drbdmanage processes on node1, stopping all managed DRBD resources and
> the drbdmanage control resource, and then running 'drbdmanage uninit',
> which should clean up the rest of the installation, like old
> configuration files, etc.
> Afterwards, the node could be readded to the cluster.
>> I would like to ensure that the data that is in the resources on node1
>> is synchronised with node2 before doing anything else. At present, all
>> the node1 resources are showing as "UpToDate" and "connecting" and the
>> node2 resources are showing as "Outdated" and they are not attempting
>> to reconnect to node1.
>> Is there a way to force them to connect to node1 to resynchronise
>> before I continue?
> For existing resources, that are not going to be deleted,
> drbdadm connect <resource-name>:node1
> from node2 should work.
> If there is a split-brain situation involved too, then make this
> 'drbdadm connect --discard-my-data' instead.
> br,

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