[DRBD-user] Cancelling pending actions

Robert Altnoeder robert.altnoeder at linbit.com
Tue Oct 3 14:59:25 CEST 2017

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On 10/02/2017 12:37 PM, Martyn Spencer wrote:
> I managed to put node1 into a state where it had pending actions that
> I could not remove, so decided to remove the node and then re-add it.
> Rather naively I did not check and the DRBD resources were all
> role:primary on node1. Now node1 is in a state "pending: remove" and I
> cannot in any way seem to add it back to the cluster.
It would probably be best to manually 'drbdadm down' the resources on
node1 and then run 'drbdmanage resume-all', which should attempt to
remove all resources from node1 and then remove node1 itself.

Finally, when node1 has been removed, running 'drbdmanage shutdown' on
node1 followed by 'drbdmanage uninit' should clean up the drbdmanage
installation on node1 (including the control resource and old
configuration files).

Then, the node can be added back to the cluster.

Another possibility is to clean up node1 manually, by running
'drbdmanage remove-node --force node1' from node2, and then killing all
drbdmanage processes on node1, stopping all managed DRBD resources and
the drbdmanage control resource, and then running 'drbdmanage uninit',
which should clean up the rest of the installation, like old
configuration files, etc.

Afterwards, the node could be readded to the cluster.

> I would like to ensure that the data that is in the resources on node1
> is synchronised with node2 before doing anything else. At present, all
> the node1 resources are showing as "UpToDate" and "connecting" and the
> node2 resources are showing as "Outdated" and they are not attempting
> to reconnect to node1.
> Is there a way to force them to connect to node1 to resynchronise
> before I continue?
For existing resources, that are not going to be deleted,
drbdadm connect <resource-name>:node1
from node2 should work.
If there is a split-brain situation involved too, then make this
'drbdadm connect --discard-my-data' instead.

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