[DRBD-user] Question about disk-timeout

Eddie Chapman eddie at ehuk.net
Mon May 22 20:39:19 CEST 2017

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Am I right in my understanding that disk-timeout is safe to use as long 
as the device that fails *never* comes back?  Because it is the delayed 
"recovery", as the drbd.conf man page puts it, which is what is 
dangerous and could lead to kernel panic, corruption of original request 
pages, etc. Right? In other words just the failing and detaching of the 
backing device itself, due to disk-timeout, could not lead to bad things 

Can anyone confirm I'm correct?

(I know you might say "well why do you not want the failed device to 
recover?! You just should not use disk-timeout, it's a bad idea." Yes, 
normally I would not use it. But I have a specific, unusual situation 
where drbd and disk-timeout specifically might provide a very good 
solution to a problem, and in this situation if the backing device 
*does* fail due to disk-timeout, it would disappear and never come back 
ever again.)


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