[DRBD-user] How to delete multiple disk of the same resource

Yannis Milios yannis.milios at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 21:20:35 CET 2017

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What does:

drbdmanage v  and drbdmanage a

...shows? Are those resources/volumes still there?

If yes, then possibly by giving:

drbdmanage remove <res> or <vol>

...may fix things? You could also try to force remove them (check
drbdmanage remove syntax).


On Fri, 17 Mar 2017 at 11:24, Michele Rossetti <rossetti at sardi.it> wrote:

> Hi,
> on a 3 node Proxmox 4.4 with DRBD4 system, trying to clone one VM
> with the PVE GUI (probably wrongly, we try to clone from a resource
> in secondary state instead of primary, executing from primary it
> worked), now we see, on PVE GUI Storage>drbd1>Content seven disk
> belonging to the same VM, from vm-101-disk-1 to vm-101-disk-7 and
> only vm-101-disk-7 seems to be in use.
> With drbd-owerview only "111:vm-101-disk-7/0" is listed and the same
> with drbd status: "vm-101-disk-7 role:Primary disk:UpToDate"
> How can we delete the disk from vm-101-disk-1 to vm-101-disk-6
> without seeing them in a shell, as from the PVE GUI no operation on
> DRBD is permitted?
> Thanks for help,
> Michele
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