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Robert Altnoeder robert.altnoeder at linbit.com
Tue Jun 13 18:39:30 CEST 2017

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On 06/13/2017 07:21 AM, Jaz Khan wrote:
> Hi Ronald,
> Thank you for the reply. 
> The reason why I have asked you this question is because if we run
> dbus-drbdmanaged on all three nodes simultaneously, if one of the two
> secondary node goes down and when it comes up then it sees another
> secondary node as outdated. To fix it, I have to kill dbus-drbdmanaged
> process on both secondary nodes then I do # drbdadm down all   and #
> drbdadm up all  on both secondary nodes.
The scenario where one node sees another node's disk as Outdated,
although the other node itself sees it as UpToDate, or vice-versa, is
most probably a bug in DRBD9's state handling. It is commonly resolved
by disconnecting and reconnecting the node, because the state is
negotiated after connecting.

In the case where the faulty state is seen on a peer resource,
disconnecting only the connection to those nodes where an incorrect peer
state is seen will normally suffice.

We are aware that there are still cases where the state handling may
cause scenarios like the ones mentioned above. Changes are continuously
applied to DRBD9's state handling to fix cases where nodes may disagree
about the state of DRBD9's objects.
> And NO, I did not signed any SLA with your company. But this is an
> Open Source tool and the only reason why there are continuous big
> changes happening in the world is because the developers proactively
> responds to the issues and problems that is faced by the testers and
> vice-versa. You alone cannot test your product unless the people
> around the world tests your product in different environment and
> inform the bugs and problems.
Granted, there is some truth in this, but we have only limited
resources, and obviously we have to prioritize problems reported by our
customers, because that's what we make a living from - and also what
enables the development of DRBD. Most of the progress with DRBD has been
made because the product is primarily being developed by a company which
is funded by its customers.

Others can benefit from this development, because we also provide the
results under a Free Open Source Software license, but that does not
imply that everyone is entitled to immediate and free-of-charge
improvements of the product.
Nevertheless, we still try our best to make the product better for
everyone as quickly as our development resources allow.

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