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Hi Ronald,

Thank you for the reply.

The reason why I have asked you this question is because if we run
dbus-drbdmanaged on all three nodes simultaneously, if one of the two
secondary node goes down and when it comes up then it sees another
secondary node as outdated. To fix it, I have to kill dbus-drbdmanaged
process on both secondary nodes then I do # drbdadm down all   and #
drbdadm up all  on both secondary nodes.

And NO, I did not signed any SLA with your company. But this is an Open
Source tool and the only reason why there are continuous big changes
happening in the world is because the developers proactively responds to
the issues and problems that is faced by the testers and vice-versa. You
alone cannot test your product unless the people around the world tests
your product in different environment and inform the bugs and problems.

There is another user ( Jean-Daniel.Tissot ) complaining the same issue as
I did few days ago.

https://lists.gt.net/drbd/users/28905  <<< My complain on May 20th 2017
https://lists.gt.net/drbd/users/28946  <<< Jean-Daniel complain on June 12

Best regards,

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>> Subject: Drbdmanaged
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>> Hi,
>> I have a very simple & important question to ask.
>> If I have a 3 nodes setup, do I need to have "dbus-drbdmanaged"
>> daemon/process to be running in the background on all 3 nodes OR just on
>> the primary node?
>> P.S. I don't know why DRBD team takes forever to reply or mostly does not
>> care to reply.
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