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Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Thu Jul 27 09:32:39 CEST 2017

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Il 27-07-2017 03:52 Igor Cicimov ha scritto:
> ​I would recommend going through this lengthy post
> http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2011-January/015236.html
> [1] covering all pros and cons of several possible scenarios.

Hi Igor, thanks for the link, very interesting thread!

> The easiest scenario for dual-primary DRBD would be a DRBD device per
> VM, so something like this RAID -> PV -> VG -> LV -> DRBD -> VM, where
> you don't even need LVM locking (since that layer is not even exposed
> to the user) and is great for dual-primary KVM clusters. You get live
> migration and also keep the resizing functionality too since you can
> grow the underlying LV and then the DRBD it self to increase the VM
> disk size lets say. The VM needs to be started on one node only of
> course so you (or your software) need to make sure this is always the
> case. One huge drawback of this approach though is the large number of
> DRBD device to maintain in case of hundreds of VM's! Although since
> you have already committed to different approach this might not be
> possible at this point.
> Note: In this case though you don't even need dual primary since the
> DRBD for each VM can be independently promoted to primary on any node
> at any time. In case of single DRBD it is all-or-nothing so no
> possibility of migrating individual VMs.

Yeah, I considered such a solution in the past. Its strong appeal 
depends on be able to live-migrating without going for a dual-primary 
setup. However I would like to avoid creating/deleting DRBD devices for 
each added/removed virtual machine. One possibile solution is to use 
ganeti, which automates resource and VM creation, right?

> Now adding LV on top of DRBD is bit more complicated. I guess your
> current setup is something like this?
>                                               LV1 -> VM1
> RAID -> DRBD -> PV -> VG -> LV2 -> VM2
>                                               LV3 -> VM3
>                                                ...
> In this case when DRBD is in dual-primary the DLM/cLVM setup is
> imperative so the LVMs know who has the write access. But then on VM
> migration "something" needs to shutdown the VM on Node1 to release the
> LVM lock and start the VM on Node2. Same as above, as long as each VM
> is running on *only one* node you should be fine, the moment you start
> it on both you will probably corrupt your VM. Software like Proxmox
> should be able to help you on both points.
> Which brings me to an important question I should have asked at the
> very beginning actually: what do you use to manage the cluster?? (if
> anything)

Pacemaker surely is a possibility, but for manual, non automated live 
migration, I should be fine with libvirt integrated locking: 
https://libvirt.org/locking.html. It avoid (at application level) the 
concurrent starting/running of any virtual machine.

Thank you very much, Igor.

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