[DRBD-user] Example for DRBD Proxy running on a separate machine // SOLVED

Ioan Indreias indreias at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 14 14:01:41 CEST 2017

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Just to not let this post without an answer I'll copy here the answer received through the commercial support channel.
Best regards,Ioan
===In general, you have six IPs,
the DRBD node IPs,
the DRBD node facing IPs of the proxies,
and the "other site" facing IPs of the proxies,

and four node names:

on alice { alice-ip ... proxy-on alice-proxy { ... } }

I edited your pasted example below:

alice <=== DRBD ==> bobversusalice <=DRBD=> p1 <=DRBD PROXY=> p2 <=DRBD=> bob

resource r0 {
   protocol A;
   device minor 0;
   disk /dev/vdb;
   meta-disk internal;

   proxy {
     memlimit 100M;
     plugin {
     zlib level 9;

   on alice {
     address <alice-node-addr>:8000;
     proxy on alice-proxy {
       inside <alice-facing-ip-of-alice-proxy>:8000;
       outside <site-bob-facing-ip-of-alice-proxy>:8000;

         # you have to change the port if IPs should be identical


   on bob {
     address <bob-node-addr>:8000;
     proxy on bob-proxy {
       inside <bob-facing-ip-of-bob-proxy:8000;
       outside <site-alice-facing-ip-of-bob-proxy>:8000;


There are more examples in the "drbd.conf.example" file
which is in the "scripts" subdirectory of the source repository,
and should also typically be installed into /usr/share/doc/drbd-utils-*/

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