[DRBD-user] Example for DRBD Proxy running on a separate machine

Ioan Indreias indreias at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 3 14:45:49 CEST 2017

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Could anybody point to a configuration example where the DRBD Proxy service is running on a separate machine?
For example the DRBD Proxy configuration guide mentions that:
For the examples in this guide, we will install DRBD Proxy on the cluster nodes. This is the most common way to install Proxy, but it should be noted that it is possible to install DRBD Proxy on a separate machine outside of the cluster.
How should the following configuration be changed in order to use 2 non-local proxy servers called p1 and p2?
alice <=== DRBD ==> bob    versus    alice <=DRBD=> p1 <=DRBD PROXY=> p2 <=DRBD=> bob
resource r0 {  protocol A;  device minor 0;  disk /dev/vdb;  meta-disk internal;
  proxy {    memlimit 100M;    plugin {    zlib level 9;    }  }
  on alice {    address;    proxy on alice {      inside;      outside <alice_IP>:7790;    }  }
  on bob {    address;    proxy on bob {      inside;      outside <bob_IP>:7790;    }  }
Thank you,Ioan
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