[DRBD-user] Testing new DRBD9 dedicated repo for PVE

Roberto Resoli roberto at resolutions.it
Tue Jan 3 08:46:53 CET 2017

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Il 02/01/2017 14:53, Michele Rossetti ha scritto:
> One advice from who use drbd9 on PVE in production, please: we have a
> cluster of 3 PVe 4.3 servers with the last DRBD version available prom
> PVE repository.
> I read on the list that there are several problems with new DRBD
> version, 

I have switched to linbit repo, but I don't think that there are more
problems than with pve ones; in my configuration I still have some
issues (with qmrestore towards drbd storage, and automatic start of
resources at boot, mainly), but I can't say that these are new or
specific to linbit provided components.

> not more included on PVE repository, but I don't understand if
> they are related only with som configuration or with the new changes on
> drbdmanage.

See my former notes; in my experience I still have many doubts about
using DRBD9 with PVE in production, even if I have it running for
several months now. In particular I think that PVE DRBD9 storage
integration needs refinements (storage occupation still does not
correctly accounts for redundancy, and lacks features (such as volume

On DRBD9 side, I still note randomly out-of-sync on some resources after
node reboot, which I am able to fix only manually (disconnecting and
reconnecting after some time, and similar ...)

> In other words: can we upgrade without problems to PVE 4.4 and to DRBD
> last software on Linbit repository, or to PVE 4.4 from Proxmox
> repository and to latest DRBD from Linbit repository? Or it's better to
> wait some time, to avoid problems on production systems?

I recommend to upgrade to 4.4, firstly. In any case, given that Proxmox
will not provide further support for DRBD9 in PVE, you should consider
the switch to linbit repo in any case, if you want to keep using it in
the future.

> Thanks and happy New Year,

Same to you,

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