[DRBD-user] Testing new DRBD9 dedicated repo for PVE

Michele Rossetti rossetti at sardi.it
Mon Jan 2 14:53:13 CET 2017

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One advice from who use drbd9 on PVE in production, please: we have a 
cluster of 3 PVe 4.3 servers with the last DRBD version available 
prom PVE repository.

I read on the list that there are several problems with new DRBD 
version, not more included on PVE repository, but I don't understand 
if they are related only with som configuration or with the new 
changes on drbdmanage.

In other words: can we upgrade without problems to PVE 4.4 and to 
DRBD last software on Linbit repository, or to PVE 4.4 from Proxmox 
repository and to latest DRBD from Linbit repository? Or it's better 
to wait some time, to avoid problems on production systems?

Thanks and happy New Year,

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