[DRBD-user] Disabling 2nd node on stacked setup with 8.4.4

milos at groupwhere.org milos at groupwhere.org
Sun Feb 19 01:35:19 CET 2017

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We have been using DRBD for the last 4 years in a 3 node setup with a 
stacked resource.  But, this server is no longer primary, and we need to 
re-purpose the 2nd local node, leaving one local and one remote stacked.

I see that I can simply stop DRBD on the 2nd (secondary) node, and 
everything else continues uninterrupted.  Is this acceptable? Should I 
be doing something more such as removing the stack and rebuilding the 
3rd node as the unstacked node 2, cleaning up metadata, etc.?

I did look but did not find more than one very old post referencing 
anything close to this.

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