[DRBD-user] Going Back to 8.4

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Tue Dec 19 17:45:49 CET 2017

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> Le 16/12/2017 à 17:26, Eric Robinson a écrit :
> > Over the past year, I've tried multiple times to make the switch to
> > 9.X, and every time I keep running into the stupid "Cannot connect to
> > the drbdmanaged process using DBus" error. I've tried it on RHEL 7.1
> > and SLES 12 SP2. Nobody seems to know was causes it, and Google is no
> > help. Maybe the problem is my own ignorance, which is very possible,
> > but I've never had trouble with 8.4, so I'm dropping back to that. Just an FYI to
> the Linbit folks.
> Hello,
> DRBD version is not really the problem here : you can still manage DRBD9 'the
> old way' without drbdmanage by creating ressources files by hand and using
> drdbsetup and drbdadm to configure them.
> Nevermind, with the announce of drbdmanage replacement by linstor, it seems
> that even linbit will drop drbdmanage support in a few weeks/months. I think
> we can agree on the fact that drbdmanage has some design flaws even if we
> are running a
> 3 nodes clusters for a few months with pretty good results once we played
> around caveats.
> From my point of view, you should consider using drbd9 (with good lot-of-
> ressource support, 32 nodes support and data rebalancing) but without
> drbdmanage.

Good recommendation. That is how we will proceed. I have now successfully built my version 9 cluster using the old manual method. 



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