[DRBD-user] Going Back to 8.4

Julien Escario escario at azylog.net
Mon Dec 18 09:52:00 CET 2017

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Le 16/12/2017 à 17:26, Eric Robinson a écrit :
> Over the past year, I’ve tried multiple times to make the switch to 9.X, and
> every time I keep running into the stupid “Cannot connect to the drbdmanaged
> process using DBus” error. I’ve tried it on RHEL 7.1 and SLES 12 SP2. Nobody
> seems to know was causes it, and Google is no help. Maybe the problem is my own
> ignorance, which is very possible, but I’ve never had trouble with 8.4, so I’m
> dropping back to that. Just an FYI to the Linbit folks.

DRBD version is not really the problem here : you can still manage DRBD9 'the
old way' without drbdmanage by creating ressources files by hand and using
drdbsetup and drbdadm to configure them.

Nevermind, with the announce of drbdmanage replacement by linstor, it seems that
even linbit will drop drbdmanage support in a few weeks/months. I think we can
agree on the fact that drbdmanage has some design flaws even if we are running a
3 nodes clusters for a few months with pretty good results once we played around

>From my point of view, you should consider using drbd9 (with good
lot-of-ressource support, 32 nodes support and data rebalancing) but without

Best regards,
Julien Escario

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