[DRBD-user] DRBD packages for Proxmox 4.x

Christoph Lechleitner christoph.lechleitner at iteg.at
Sun Nov 27 11:46:17 CET 2016

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Am 2016-11-27 um 04:31 schrieb Jasmin J.:
> Hello Christoph!

>> (We also include a patch important for kernels 4.0-4.9 that probably has
>> not made it into Debian or Proxmox repositories yet)
> The DRBD 8.4.9-1 package doesn't contain this patch. It has been
> commited to
> the GIT repo on 2016-11-08 two weeks later than the package release date.
> Your DKMS package contains a slightly modified version of the patch, but
> still
> fixes the issue.

Yes, obviously, since we started our final bug hunt using that upstream 
8.4.9-1 tgz.

Our packages contain the original variant of the fix, as proposed by 
Richard Weinberger (whom we retained as kernel expert since our 
development activities are focussed on library, framework and 
application layers).

Of course, even that tiny academic variant difference lead to some 
discussions, first between my colleage & business partner Wolfgang Glas 
and Richard, and then again on mailing lists (drbd-dev & kernel, I've 
lost oversight which post went where).

> @Linbit:
> BUT!!!
> I just checked the DRDB9 code.
> In file "drbd_transport_tcp.c" function "_dtt_send" and the code is
> still the
> same like in the DRDB8 version.

So nobody at Linbit checked if DRBD9 contains the buggy sendmsg() call?

Oh boy, LOL.

Made my morning.

Linbit thinks that the bug would be very unlikely to be triggered in 
DRBD8 (after beeing hit ~15 times on 8 servers withing a few months I 
probably should start going to play the lottery), maybe they think it's 
even less likely or even impossible im DRBD?
Could that function be unused in DRBD9?
Just speculating here, playing defendant's advocate for fun.

> @R. Kammerer:
> In a recent message in this thread I wrote:
>   "And the most important, I try to share it afterwards with others."
> You see, it is past 4 o'clock in the night and I am helping to improve your
> driver, even when you recently wrote I write "BS"!

Very commendable, Thanks.

>> No, currently (and kind of Thanks to a certain bug), you don't ;-)
> A big THANK you for fixing this!


>> For DRBD9 and drbd-utils there is a Launchpad PPA targeting Ubuntu
> trusty &
>> xenial. Their xenial packages might work with Debian jessie.
>> https://launchpad.net/~linbit/+archive/ubuntu/linbit-drbd9-stack
> This is good news also. I really didn't analyse the drbd-utils code, but
> for
> me it seems you can use this user-mode tools for all DRBD versions.


And I felt it'd be foolisch to use a bleeding edge module version with 
the ancient drbdutils version.
We personally used the xenial packages from that PPA in the first place, 
and then switched to the package from Debian's sid repository.

Fortunately the module as well as the utils seem to be pretty 
self-contained with few external dependencies (good job there, Linbit).

> So I
> would
> prefer the variant from your Debian package, as Proxmox VE 4.x is Debian
> based,
> beside the Kernel (Ubuntu version).

Well, everybody seems to agree the variants are equivalent, and the 
variant commited to git has been accepted by Linus and will make it into 
all kernels updates up to 4.9 (4.10 gets a larger rewrite there anyway).

Regards, Christoph

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