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Jasmin J. jasmin at anw.at
Sun Nov 27 00:45:13 CET 2016

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  > But hey, as I guess this is the same JasminJ from the Proxmox forum
Yes I am.

  > you can replace it in the meantime with "some perl scripts" ...
Sorry, that my post give you the impression I wouldn't value your work. To
be honest, I didn't look into the source and I am not using it in my setup,
even the idea of dedicated DRBD instance for each disk is very smart and
helps to avoid split brain situations on a high level.

  > you already proved to be an expert in this area on this ML
No I am not, which you obviously recognized. But I am fast in learning and
gathering information and try to improve my knowledge. And the most important,
I try to share it afterwards with others. That's why I like the open source
and the spirit behind. If there wouldn't be Linux and the open source movement,
we all would be much more under control of giants as Microsoft and Apple.

My real profession was writing Linux Kernel drivers for more than 10 years in
a safety critical environment for ground air communication. Now I write safety
and level A certified drivers for VxWorks in the aerospace market for
air-plain communication systems and controlling (fly by wire).

  > PLEASE, FFS don't come up with some BS you obviously have no clue about.
I had to look up what you want to tell me with this sentence full of acronyms,
which I didn't know and wouldn't use in a polite discussion.

Whatever I wrote in the forum was also an emotional reaction to the problem
others and I see coming, when it comes to server errors which may related to
DRBD9 and/or the cluster manager Proxmox. I don't know what relationship the
two companies have to each other, but from what I read ... .

  > Btw jasminj actually defended you if you can't see that in his first post
  > there[1] and he's not wrong about [2] either.
HE is a SHE ;)

I see your point and maybe there were discussions between the companies and
the licence change was the result. A HA cluster is a complicated piece of
hardware and software and if you are not an expert for nearly all parts you
need support, regardless if this is in a forum or a mailing list or even a
paid one to be more quick. When then two parties point to each other as the
root cause, it is frustrating. But we will see how this works out in the
And it was really NOT my intention to continue the discussion here! I added the
links to clarify what I am talking about, when I am asking for packages.

@R. Kammerer:
  > If someone's feelings got hurt, I apologize, that was not my intention.
As Digimer pointed out "However, he, like you and I, are human.", so it might
come to emotional reactions between humans and it is OK for me.

I think we should now stop this discussion here and go back:
The subject of the post was "DRBD packages for Proxmox 4.x" and I haven't
seen an answer to my original question in this thread so far, which I will now
ask again:

  From both I got the impression, that Linbit will provide a repository for 
Proxmox VE with all the required Debian packages to run DRBD9 in Proxmox VE 
4.x. It was stated, that even the storage plugin is provided by Linbit.

1) My question is now, is this really true?

2) I would like to ask, if it would be possible for Linbit to provide also a
     DRBD8.x version for Proxmox 4.x.

To answer my own question 2), I found your repo:
which requires a support contract for access, which is perfectly OK according
to the license.

But currently it is not public available. So I guess you will provide another
one for Proxmox users, as you stated in the forum. Then another question arises:
2a) When this is planned?
      I am a little bit in a hurry and doesn't want to compile it now from
      source, when I have so much other things to finish before my vacation.

Just a note from my side, there is currently no support price list on the
WEB (needs to be requested by eMail). It would be nice to get a quick
overview without eMails, like I have with the Proxmox subscription.
Depending on the price I would consider to by a license, instead of putting
effort in compiling my own DEB files and make a DKMS package for the Kernel

I have seen that there are already packages for Jessy (the Proxmox Version)
    https://packages.debian.org/de/jessie-backports/drbd-utils (8.9.5)
But not as new as the stretch version 8.9.9, which is also not the newest
available in GIT (8.9.9-1).

Another note for your Site maintainer, the 8.9.9-1 version is not available as
a TGZ file in your download area (latest 8.9.6):
And also no drbd-9.0.5 TGZ (latest 9.0.1-1) and no drbd-8.4.9-1 TGZ (latest

I haven't found a package for drdb-8.4.9 or drdb-9.0.5 on the net. The latest
available is for Lenny (drbd8-module-source), which is far too old.

The Debian 8 (Jessy) Kernel version used by Proxmox is currently 4.4.21
(Ubuntu version 4.4.0-41.61). The Kernel sources in the Proxmox repo for this
version did use drbd-9.0.4-1.
The original Ubuntu 4.4 Kernel still uses 8.4.5, which is two years old!

To sum it up, if someone currently want to use the latest(!) available
versions, she needs a support contract to access the Linbit package repository
or needs to compile the sources from GIT.



On 11/26/2016 09:04 AM, Roland Kammerer wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 26, 2016 at 06:38:00AM +0100, Jasmin J. wrote:
>> Hello!
>> There is an ongoing discussion in the Proxmox support forum concerning the
>> recent license change of drbdmange:
> Yes, they are ongoing, no need to spread FUD here and now. Wait.
> But hey, as I guess this is the same JasminJ from the Proxmox forum[1],
> you can replace it in the meantime with "some perl scripts", right? Oh,
> don't forget to manage a whole cluster of nodes, support ZFS and LVM,
> and their various thin combinations and variants, provide snapshots and
> resize of resources cluster wide, and don't forget about the inner
> workings of DRBD (you already proved to be an expert in this area on
> this ML), so make sure that if you combine thin and thick in the right
> way that thin allocations don't end up thick. It's easy, just a few
> lines of perl that replace the current 67647 lines of python, right?
> I stop here, before I get too "friendly", but please, PLEASE, FFS don't
> come up with some BS you obviously have no clue about.
> Regards, rck
> [1]
> https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/drbdmanage-license-change.30404/#post-152979
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