[DRBD-user] DRBD9 Update not cleaning up depreciate commands

Jean-Daniel TISSOT Jean-Daniel.Tissot at univ-fcomte.fr
Tue Nov 8 15:03:50 CET 2016

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Sorry for missing context :


I have not this file too.

ii  drbd-utils                 8.9.8-1            amd64              RAID 1 over TCP/IP for Linux (user utilities)
un  drbd8-utils                <aucune>           <aucune>           (aucune description n'est disponible)
ii  drbdmanage                 0.97.3-1           amd64              Distributed configuration management for DRBD

Le 08/11/2016 à 14:26, Roland Kammerer a écrit :
>> > Error 2:
>> > This is the other error I am now seeing after upgrade.  the
>> > */etc/drbdmanaged.cfg* has not existed before this.  How is it created?
> There is one in the package. Basically since it got introduced many
> months ago.

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