[DRBD-user] DRBD9 :: Step by Step to change storage plugin of a single node

Toni Bolduan toni.bolduan at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 8 13:48:41 CET 2016

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Hi list,

what is the appropriate way to change the storage plugin to ZFS on a single

This is, what I think, the way to do this:

1. install drbd, drbdmanage
2. create volume group drbdpool with lvm
3. initialize drbd on first node
4. create zpool drbdpool with zol (zfs on linux)
5. modify config of first node for using zfs plugin
6. rewrite config

But after that "drbdmanage list-nodes" still shows the size of the lvm
volume and not of the zpool.

So which the right way to replace lvm with zfs?
Does this work on an single node or do I need to have at least two nodes to
configure this?
Is it possible to start with zfs plugin from start?

Thanks for reading and any answers.

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