[DRBD-user] drbd connection dying badly, ever-rising load, requiring hard machine reset

Christoph Lechleitner christoph.lechleitner at iteg.at
Tue Nov 8 12:02:51 CET 2016

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Am 2016-09-30 um 16:08 schrieb Christoph Lechleitner:
> Hi everyone!
> Sorry for my lengthy mail, but I think I have to include some background ...
> Starting last July a very nasty problem came up every now and then, 7
> times so far, with no immediate pattern regarding hardware model or so:
> First one virtualized guest, presumably during an I/O peak like
> rsync-over-ssh of a large directory, becomes unreachable and unsusable.
> Simultaneously the system load (i.e. the first number in /proc/loadavg)
> starts to rise, slowly (about +1 every 3-5 minutes) but forever, to 1000
> (in words: one thousand) and more.
> However, it's
> - impossible to disconnect the hanging drbd device
> - impossible to kill related processes like drbdXX_submit, jbd2/drbdXX-8
> - impossible to stop the fallen one or any other virtual machine
> - hence impossible to do a clean shutdown or reboot
> The only way out is to press the reset button, either physically on site
> or virtually using BMC/KVM/IPMI services.
> While I'm not entirely sure DRBD is to blame, 6 of 7 cases started with
> weird drbd related messages in syslog.

Thanks mailinglist for ignoring me ;-)

We finally got professional help from Richard Weinberger, and with only 
one problem occurance's full log (Thanks to netconsole) he found an 
actual and severe bug in DRBD8.

He just posted the patch on the drbd-dev list.

We also integrated the patch in our debian-packaging of Linbit's drbd8 
8.4.9-1 tarball, see bottom of https://confluence.clazzes.org/x/CgC2 
("Probable Solution"), so we and other Debian jessie users (and maybe 
some users of Debian derivates) can install the patched module right away.


Christoph Lechleitner


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