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adream adream307 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 14:44:03 CET 2016

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hi guys
    I'm curious about implementation of drbd's protocol c, is there any
document describe the detail of the protocol c ?
giving an situation,
I have two node, node A works as primary, and node B works as secondary,
the drbd works in protocol c.
then I write some date in node A, for example i vi create file named t.txt,
and write "hello drbd" into the node A.
In the node B, the drbd has just created t.txt and receive "hello" from
node A, then some terrible thing happened, the the connections between node
A and node B broken, and node B will never receive the rested message.
so in this situation, if i mount the drbd in the node B, what will i see?
a t.txt file with "hello " message, or nothing, or something else?
looking forward to any reply.
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