[DRBD-user] Having Trouble with LVM on DRBD

Igor Cicimov icicimov at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 07:05:08 CET 2016

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On 27/02/2016 4:10 pm, "Eric Robinson" <eric.robinson at psmnv.com> wrote:
> > Can you please try following constraints instead the ones you have:
> > group g_drbd0 p_lvm_drbd0 p_fs_clust17 p_vip_clust17
> > group g_drbd1 p_lvm_drbd1 p_fs_clust18 p_vip_clust18
> > colocation c_clust17 inf: g_drbd0 ms_drbd0:Master
> > colocation c_clust18 inf: g_drbd1 ms_drbd1:Master
> > order o_clust17 inf: ms_drbd0:promote g_drbd0:start
> > order o_clust18 inf: ms_drbd1:promote g_drbd1:start
> Those constraints seem to be working great. I can move the g_drbd0 and
g_drbd1 resource groups freely back and forth between the nodes. However,
this creates a problem for me because there will be a number of mysql
resources on the servers (p_mysql_001, p_mysql_002, p_mysql_003,
p_mysql_004, etc.).  In the past when I used resource groups, stopping any
one mysql resource stopped all of the others, and removing one mysql
resource from the group did the same thing. That's why I stopped using
That's exactly what this configuration gives you right? Each group is
collocated with one and only one drbd device on the master node.

> I don't mind going back to using groups for the p_lvm, p_fs and p_vip
resources, but the end result must be this: each of the mysql resources
should be dependent on one of the g_drbd resource groups, but  independent
of all the other mysql resources. What syntax should I use for that?
> And what was wrong with my constraints?
You had left the Filesystem out of the picture. If you look carefully you
will see that really the only difference between mine and yours
constraints, apart from groups, is the filesystem primitives.

Those work on my other clusters (but none of the others have LVM on drbd).
> --Eric
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